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The Gift of Hearing!

Now that the holiday season is here, you want to be sure you are hearing your best when spending time with your family and friends. Holiday parties, social gatherings, and family get-togethers can be frustrating and uncomfortable if you struggle to catch the conversation because of hearing loss.

Hearing aids can make a world of difference in your ability to hear the conversation. Try these helpful tips to better hear your loved ones this holiday season!

Tips for Better Hearing

· Reduce background noise

· Ask for information to be repeated

· Sit where there are good acoustics

· Use an assistive listening device

· Wear your hearing aids

· Visit your hearing care professional

How Do Hearing Aids Help?

Hearing aids are fine-tuned to your exact hearing needs based on your hearing prescription. They won’t only amplify sound, but they can filter out background noise, so you can focus on what really matters, the conversation.

Before you plan on visiting your family or hosting a party, you should have your hearing checked, especially if it has been awhile. An up-to-date hearing evaluation will let you know where your hearing is at and if you need a readjustment to your hearing aids.

Give Yourself the Gift of Better Hearing!

The holidays are a time for reconnecting with the people you love. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from joining the conversation. Give yourself the gift of better hearing this year by scheduling a hearing exam! Call Suono Hearing today at (406) 600.0338 to have your hearing checked before the holiday festivities begin.

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